Testimonials From the Mouths of New Yorkers...

Tea Gardens, Queens NY
“Famous for everything else, New York City will now be famous for NYC Hot Sauce Co.

Queens, NY
“The Bottle looks so cool. I don’t even want to open it. I just want to put it on a shelf and look at it.” 


Brooklyn, NY

“Once I started using it, I couldn’t stop. I’m happily addicted to NYC Hot Sauce Co.”


Manhattan, NY

“Couldn’t wait to open it. I tried it 15 minutes after getting my first bottle and LOVED IT! I’ve already consumed  ½ the bottle…no joke.”

Adam & Scilla
Jersey City, NJ
"All of the liveliness and flavor of the City is in every bottle; we don't even have to take the PATH train. :) Seriously though, this is a tremendous hot sauce that compliments everything - the fact that it is all locally sourced is a great added bonus. We're irrevocably hooked on NYC Hot Sauce Co." 

Queens, NY

“It does not overpower the food, it enhances it and tastes great. This is the only hot sauce I will use from now on.”

Manhattan, NY

"I bought a bottle of your hot sauce at the Chelsea Market last Sunday. It is the best hot sauce I have ever had! Well done!"

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